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“Fresk25 is the first work of a French young writer. His Crazy Fresk25 is made of 25 separate books that create a unique story. Enter the incredible world of Fresk25 today ”.
Sukoï Community
• "Artists, modelers, animators, contact us to join the project, we need talented skills."
• "Scientists, wriers, Sukoï needs you to write V2 of Fresk25, in semiology, perception sciences."
• Become Sukoï in front of cameras, to embody the Sukoï Crew
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The animation placed at the top of the page alongside the logo announces major evolution of our website for late 2006/first quarter 2007. This animation will be the virtual login door to the Sukoï Worlds, an online experience of the Sukoï universe described in the 25 books of Fresk25. Using this interface and the secret number place on each cover of the books, every customer will be able to interact with the Sukoï Soul, an online 3D representation for the Sukoï Worlds.

Fresk25 creates literature for 21th Century.

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